Annapolis Sailing Bachelorette PartyAnyone can go to a bar...make a bachelorette party memorable with an Annapolis Sailing Bachelorette Party!

The Liberte offers a unique and exiting venue for Annapolis Sailing Bachelorette Parties! Bring your naughty prank gifts, snacks and games right on board! We have a full beverage bar that's always stocked.

If you have smokers in your party, The Liberte is the only schooner that allows smoking - don't worry about being kicked out of the bar or having half your party gathered outside!

When the Annapolis Sailing Bachelorette Party is over, you're just a walk away from all the bars and fun of downtown Annapolis.

Available April 23 - June 26, September 14 - October 23.


Annapolis Sailing Bachelorette Party


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