4 Events To Celebrate On The Liberté


Celebrate your special event on the Liberte today!

Spring and summer are quickly approaching, so it is the perfect time to start planning special events for when the sun comes out, and temperatures heat up.  One of the most important aspects of event planning is finding a venue that will please you and all of your guests.  If you want to experience the waters of Annapolis and memorable sights, then you should discover the Liberté schooner.  There are a few events that are perfect to celebrate on the Liberté once May comes around.


When it comes to marrying your significant other, there is no better location than on the calming Annapolis waters.  Nothing is better than celebrating your special day with all of your loved ones while looking out into the beautiful Annapolis landscape and the Chesapeake Bay.  The staff on the Liberté is dedicated to making your ceremony and reception go as smooth as possible.  You have the option to have your reception fully catered with a stocked bar.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Before you get the chance to marry your significant other, you need to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with your groomsmen and bridesmaids.  The Liberté is the perfect place to have a memorable night with your loved ones and close friends.  Take a trip around Annapolis and through the Chesapeake Bay for a night you will truly remember (or maybe you won’t!)  

Corporate Events

Bring all of your coworkers on the Liberté for a team bonding day or a fundraising event.  Experience something new for you and your business by planning a corporate event on a charter boat.  You talk business and have a little fun at the same time on the Liberté.  Our charter boat is perfect for small businesses since we can have a capacity up to 49 people.


The years you have spent with your significant other matter, so you should be able to celebrate them with your loved ones and close friends.  Take a trip along the Chesapeake Bay with your significant other to celebrate an anniversary whether it is five years or five decades.

Discover Fun On The Water with the Liberté!

The Liberté provides private charters in Cape Cod and Annapolis as well as public sailings in Cape Cod. Celebrating in the lap of luxury aboard the magnificent Liberte is a great way to create cherished memories that are sure to last a lifetime. If you want to charter the Liberté for your next corporate event or wedding reception, contact the Liberté today! Call us today and we will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Be sure to also check us out on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.


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