3 Tips On Sailing With Children

How to make sailing with your kids a great experience!

You are excited to take the whole family on a Liberte charter to celebrate your birthday but worried about how your children will act on their first boat ride.  You might be cautious about sailing with your little ones, but it will offer them a new experience they will remember forever.  Taking your children on a charter allows for bonding time and they can become comfortable with the high seas.  For a Liberte Schooner sail, anyone 16 years or younger are available for children’s pricing.  As with any trip, it all starts with a well thought out plan.

Listen To The Rules and Prepare

Lay down your own ground rules with your children before boarding the charter.  Also, have them pay attention to the directions from the captain.  They need to know what parts of the charter are off limits along with other important guidelines.  Research the travel route of your charter so you know what sights to see.  Your children will love to view the mansions along the Severn river or the Thomas Point Lighthouse.

Safety First

A lifejacket is essential for ensuring your child’s safety on board of an Annapolis or Cape Cod charter.  Check that they are comfortable in their lifejacket and that they do not remove it during the trip.  A good way to make your children comfortable with a life jacket is wearing one as well.  Having your children match with you makes them feel like an adult and that they are making a safe decision.  Don’t forget to bring sunblock for your little ones, so they avoid having a nasty sunburn!

Food and Drinks

Being active in the sun all day will make your children hungry and thirsty.  Be prepared by bringing plenty of healthy snacks and drinks on board.  Depending on your charter package there might be food provided, but it is always good to have your children’s favorite snacks on hand.  Being out in the sun increases the chance for dehydration so make sure your children are drinking water before they board the charter.  Be sure to have medication on hand for occasional seas sickness or seasonal allergies.  


Consider A Private Charter On Liberté For Your Next Special Occasion!

Liberté provides private charters in Cape Cod and Annapolis as well as public sailings in Cape Cod. Celebrating in the lap of luxury aboard the magnificent Liberte is a great way to create cherished memories that are sure to last a lifetime. If you want to charter Liberté for your next corporate event or wedding reception, contact Liberté today! Call us today and we will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Be sure to also check us out on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.


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