7 Terms to know Before You Set out to Sail the Seven Seas

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Here are several terms you may want to know just in case the captain starts talking sailor to you:

The Layout of the Boat:

1.     PORT: If you are facing the front of the boat, the port is anything to the left of the boat.
2.     STARBOARD: If you are facing forward the starboard refers to everything on the right-hand side of the vessel. Anything on the left side of the vessel is referred to as “PORT”.
3.     BOW/STERN: The bow of the boat refers to the front half if the boat while the stern is everything in the back or the “aft”/” astern”.

Other Terminology:

4.     HELM: The place where steering takes place. The steering controls the rudders position.
5.     KEEL: This a long, heavy fin on the bottom of the boat that provides stability, and keeps most boats from capsizing.
6.     BOOM: Horizontal boom coming from the bottom of the mast. Changing directions of the boom helps the sailboat harness the energy from wind power to move forwards and backwards.
7.     TACKING: Occurs when the bow of the boat is turned through the wind so that the wind goes from one side of the boat to the other. When doing this maneuver the boom will always shift sides.
Know these basic terms, and you will be well on your way to talking like a sailor with your captain!

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