The Top 5 Liberte FAQs

June16 Liberte FAQ1

1.     Can we bring children?

Yes. We are a family friendly boat. The Liberte is fully netted! We carry small child size sport life jackets, in case your little tikes try to abandon ship!
2.     Can we bring our own food?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own food but please keep in mind a few guidelines. Please do not bring ceramic or glass, try to keep portions light and remember we can’t control the wind or waves so make sure to bring solid foods.

3.     Can we bring Pets?

Yes and No. Service dogs are more than welcome on all sails. If you privately charter the boat you are welcome to bring your furry friends, however, your dog must remain on a leash when we depart and when we return. Dogs are not allowed below deck. If your pet has a life jacket we do ask that you bring it. If you plan to join us for a public sail please leave your dog at home.

4.     What about motion sickness?

For those who are prone to motion sickness, we ask that you take you your medication an hour and a half prior to your sail. If your not sure if you are prone to motion sickness our general rule of thumb: if you can sit in the back of a car and not feel sick you will be just fine.  We offer acupressure motion sickness wristbands for nausea. We also offer natural medical oil that helps with unplanned motion sickness.

5.     What if there is inclement weather at the time of our sail?

We’re not all that interested in sailing in the rain either! Private charters can opt to sail or not too. We do offer refunds for inclement weather as well as the opportunity to reschedule (depending upon availability).   If you make us sail in the rain we offer our foul weather jackets, which we will certainly be wearing as well. Generally, public sails are canceled for inclement weather.

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