The Liberte Photo Scavenger Hunt

Ahoy Annapolis Sailors!

Solve the riddles below then snap a photo of each answer:

1.     I mark the end of the day. I can be a variety of colors but typically have shades of red, orange, violet, and yellow.

2.     I redirect the power of the wind to propel a craft on the water.

3.     A four-year coeducational federal service academy established in 1845

4.     Home of the Pain Killer Cocktail

5.     A two-lane landmark linking the city’s prime tourist area with a peninsula that rises and falls to allow sailors passage from harbor slip to the Chesapeake Bay.


6.     I span the Chesapeake Bay and connect rural Eastern shore with the urban western shore.

7.     I am one of the most recognized lighthouses in the state of Maryland and was constructed in 1825.

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