• The Top 5 Liberte FAQs

    1.     Can we bring children? Yes. We are a family friendly boat. The Liberte is fully netted! We carry small child size sport life jackets, in case your little tikes try to abandon ship! 2.     Can we bring our own… Read More

  • 5 Reasons Sailing is the Best Sport

    Sailing is one of the world’s greatest sports! Although there may be a bit of bias involved in this statement, there is no denying that sailing is an incredible sport. Here are five reasons why you should try sailing over… Read More

  • The Liberte Photo Scavenger Hunt

    Ahoy Annapolis Sailors! Solve the riddles below then snap a photo of each answer: 1.     I mark the end of the day. I can be a variety of colors but typically have shades of red, orange, violet, and yellow. 2.    … Read More

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